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Bureaux Coffee Roasters
Bureaux Coffee isn't just about the people, the beans, the service or the knowledge; Bureaux Coffee also donates 1% of their total profits to community and environmental projects in coffee communities via 1% For The Planet. It’s a careful balance between producing coffee that is both luminous and layered while contributing to the quality of life of those who grow it.

Excitingly, we're able to offer Bureaux Coffee's freshest coffee beans delivered to your door, ground and portioned to your liking at breakneck speed.

 Bureaux Coffee Roasters HawthornePhoto: Emily Weaving

Stores: Hawthorne

Best Seller:
Simple Lines

About: Whilst coffee may be layered, complicated and sometimes even challenge us, by design Bureaux is about taking away the mystery of what coffee is and how it’s produced. Our aim is always to strive towards openness and share our knowledge with our customers, and the coffee community. We’re driven by a proud and curious nature, while forever evolving what our coffee can be and what it represents.

Bureaux Coffee, Melbourne