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Based on 199 reviews
Will buy again

Accurate flavour description - no fuss packaging!

Great selection and terrific service

Enjoyed the variety from some local roasters I can't get around to see and the delivery/service exceeded expectations.

Indonesia, Aceh Ribang Gayo - Single Origin Filter
My long time favorite

This is one of my long time favorite. Too bad I cannot make a repeat order at the moment as Padre only offer espresso now. Hope to see this on the market soon enough. One of the best in my coffee favorites

Fruity and Refreshing

My first time tasting this extra ordinary coffee. It's fruity for sure, fresh acidity and to me, quite similar with most Ethiopian single origin.

Great mix

I have just tried the Padre so far and am very impressed. I’m not a fan of fruity coffees so this mix really floats my boat! Looking forward to sampling the rest!

Great gift

Got this as a Christmas present for my Dad, but think I'm going to have to get some for myself, it's so nice!

Return customer

Speedy and efficient delivery - found two new house favorites through trying the coffee taster packs!

Angel wings

Havnt tryed it yet

Padre coffee daddys girl

Amazing blend great taste for milk based coffees will buy again

Good Drop

Good drop that was

One of the best pours you will get!

Code Black 3056 is one of the finest coffees you will find downunder! Delivers on all aspects, its robust, naturally sweet and has a lingering after taste!


Fast and reliable with all the great coffees in one place.

Best gift for expecting mothers

My mum got this for me when I found out I was pregnant. I love coffee and going decaf was tough until this arrived. So delicious, full flavoured and it's fun trying out the different brands in the Decaf Bundle.


This is definitely our favourite blend of everything we have tried so far

Great variety

Great selection and takes the stress out of choosing!

Second father to our twins

As a recent new dad of twins, never more so than now has a cuppa joe been more important. Recommended strongly by another dad of twins, I gave the three pack a go and they have all been outstanding! Freshly roasted, speedily delivered, quality cawfee.
Kids or not, you won’t be disappointed.

The perfect all round coffee drinking pack

A perfect combination for experiencing premium Melbourne coffee at a great price. Nothing I would change about this.

Excellent all round brew

Excellent “ go to” brew for white and black coffee.


Very nice blend. Would get again.

Tastes like real coffee

Love this. Tastes like real coffee not weak or bitter standard decaf.

Early morning wake up call

This is my go to first cup of the day, before breakfast. It packs a good caffeine hit with a bold flavour without being too acidic and hard on the ol' tum tum.

Elegant coffee

Strong coffee with Smokey flavours and a full body. Quite an elegant taste.

Super coffee

Just amazing coffee!