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Ethiopia Uraga Wine Process Anaerobic Filter


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Tasting Notes
  • Winey
  • Berry
  • Candied fruits
  • Chocolate
About Me

As with most Ethiopian coffee, this lot has been built from the hard work of multiple small holder farmers in the vicinity of the Uraga washing station. It is within the coveted Guji zone of the Oromia region where almost all the legendary Ethiopian coffees are found. Coffee farming is a core part of the culture in this region.

The abundance of Ethiopian coffee around this time of the year makes it a truly great time for roasters, and as always we select the lots which have the cleanest and most vibrant flavours.

This coffee is processed using the anaerobic method; a complex process requiring a high level of attention to detail in order to be done well. Anaerobic processing was introduced to the region in 2020. The process is to ‘ferment’ the coffee in a fully sealed and oxygen deprived stainless steel fermentation tank. Typically, the cherries will be fermented for 4-5 days as the pressure inside the tank forces the flavours of the juicy mucilage into the coffee bean. After fermentation the coffee is dried slowly for 15-18 days on African drying beds in the full sun.

Fresh crop couldn’t come at a better time, and we are happy to see a return to the vibrancy of winey fruit that Ethiopian coffees are so well known for.



ELEVATION: 1900 - 2120MASL



Roast Type

Filter roast. Suitable for pour over, Aeropress, drip machines and plunger. 


CODE BLACK have a deep respect for both the coffee produce itself and all its complexities, and for the amazing people who nurture and grow the stuff they proffer. It's a level of respect that courses through their process. From their relationships at origin, to the baristas who extract the good stuff, to the beloved cafe customers who elegantly gulp it down, Code Black maintain a singular goal, and that is to be the Best.

Location: Weston Street, Brunswick