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Finca Los Palomos Filter


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Tasting Notes
  • Floral
  • Cherry
  • Dark chocolate
About Me

This delicious coffee was produced by Léonardo Henao on his ten-hectare farm, Los Palomos. Léo is the Director of Coffee at Pergamino, Market Lane's Colombian coffee-exporting partner, who they have been working with since 2016. 

Léo works closely with his farm administrator and long-time friend Jorge Cuella and together they’ve focused on experimenting with new varieties and processing methods. This micro-lot is made up of chiroso bourbon variety beans – a new variety, native to Urrao, that has become recognised internationally for its exceptional quality. This coffee underwent an extended fermentation period during processing, which contributed a vibrant, winey acidity to the cup.




Roast Type

Filter roast. Suitable for pour over, Aeropress, drip machines and plunger. 


MARKET LANE has a goal to ignite positive change in the coffee industry by redefining what coffee is and can be, and to build a market for, and appreciation of, specialty coffee. From the outset, Market Lane have been committed to quality, transparency, sustainability and using business for good.

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