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Gitesi Filter


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Tasting Notes
  • Dried persimmon
  • Rose hip 
  • Sweet citrus 
About Me
Fieldwork have been able to purchase coffee from Rwandan father-and-son producers, Alexis and Aimé Gahizi, since first meeting them in 2013.

At Gitesi, ripe coffee cherries delivered daily from nearly 1,800 local smallholder farmers are hand-sorted before pulping—a process that removes the skin and majority of fruit flesh from the seeds inside. The coffee then undergoes around 16-hours of dry fermentation and a 12-hour freshwater soak before being dried on raised beds for up to 15 days.

As we write this, the farmers of Gitesi are already harvesting again. According to Aimé, this is happening two months ahead of schedule and is a clear sign of the on-going impact of climate change. Beyond the base level of concern this should cause us all, it’s also a worrying reminder of the uncertainty and vulnerability facing many coffee farmers.

The sustainability and livelihoods of coffee farmers is never far from Fieldwork's minds as they select, purchase, and enjoy the coffees they share with their customers. In addition to continuing to work towards higher payments and tangible returns to the farmers themselves, back in 2015, Fieldwork started the Gitesi Project—a charitable initiative that raises funds to buy dairy cows and health insurance for coffee farming households in Karongi.

In 2021 the team raised $8,000 for Rwandan farmers through their Gitesi Project which will see another 10-15 families supplied with enduring support. Fieldwork's aim for this year is to hit $10,000 in funds raised and every bag of Gitesi purchased gets us one step closer to this goal.




Roast Type

Filter roast. Suitable for pour over, Aeropress, drip machines and plunger. 


FIELDWORK believes that coffee is all-encompassing. It’s not just a drink in a cup – it’s the people, skills and experiences that got it there, and they are forever determined to pay respect to that journey. It’s a careful balance between producing coffee that is both luminous and layered while contributing to the quality of life of those who grow it.

Location: Duke St, Abbotsford