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Haus Decaf Blend


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About Me

Sweet, balanced and complex.

Reliably delicious, all day.

Rich, bold and roasted to Allpress' signature profile. This is their promise to never compromise on great flavour; morning, noon or night.

Whatever brings you here, we know you'll love it


Roast Type

Decaf roast. Suitable for espresso machines and stovetops. For the coffee lover without the caffeine.


ALLPRESS is built on relationships. Their success as a coffee roaster is down to the success of the people they choose to partner with – from their first café customer, to their staff around the world. Human connection is why Allpress are here and it’s the important relationships they create that steer them on the right path when they veer off course. They realise that sometimes it’s as simple as connecting two people in a café over a couple of flat whites.