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Peru Apolinar Rafael Espresso (Organic)


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Tasting Notes
  • Butterscotch
  • Milk chocolate
  • Lemon 
  • Tangy Acidity
About Me

Cafe Imports is partnered with CENFROCAFE, a cooperative that supports nearly 2,000 coffee-growing families.

Through this partnership, Cafe Imports have developed relationships with a small group of producers who have been developing beautiful microlots in the Cajamarca region where they continue to explore the potential of Peruvian specialty coffee.

Producer Apolinar Rafael's farm El Diamante, is one of the highest in the region at 2000 metres. He takes meticulous notes about his fermentation for each lot, but typically picks his coffee selectively, depulps it the same day, and ferments it for about 30 hours, then dries it under solar covers for 15 days. 

Apolinar is constantly working on fermentation experiments in an attempt to improve quality and consistency. Cafe Imports certify ALL their offerings from Peru as a way to give back to the farmers.







Roast Type

Filter roast. Suitable for pour over, Aeropress, drip machines and plunger. 


PADRE COFFEE'S dedicated roasting team put all of their time and energy into the curation of a diverse, accessible and ever-changing range of premium single origin and blended coffee beans, which we’re proud to source from traders and farmers all around the world that know the value of quality and believe - as we do - in ethical and sustainable production.

Location: Lygon Street, Brunswick

Grind Setting

This coffee is available in a pour over grind. If you require a specific grind size catered for your brewing equipment please let us know in the order comments. 

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