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Rwanda Gitesi Filter


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Tasting Notes
  • Candied orange
  • Vanilla
  • Baking spice
About Me

Around 8 years ago Bureaux's Director Tim first met father-and-son coffee producers, Alexis & Aime Gahizi, at a bustling cafe in Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali. The next day, they took the long drive out west to visit Gitesi – the coffee washing station named for the village on who’s outskirts it sits.

Since that first meeting, Bureaux have had the opportunity to buy coffee from the Gitesi washing station nearly every year, across different several businesses, which has been turned out to be more than simply a trusted supplier relationship – it’s become a substantial and enduring honour.

To produce the coffee that's prized so highly, Aime and his team purchase cherries from around 1,800 smallholder farmers whose farms are dotted around the area that surrounds the washing station. The farmers are paid an initial amount for the cherries they deliver, and then receive a secondary payment – a kind of profit-sharing arrangement – depending on the price that the coffee ends up being sold for.

Ripe coffee cherries are sorted before de-pulping on an EcoPulper machine, calibrated to allow 70% of the fruit flesh to remain on the beans squeezed free from the skins. The beans undergo around 16-hours of dry fermentation and then a 12-hour soaking stage prior to more manual sorting and drying on raised beds for up to 15 days.

For the benefit and health of the local community, Aime has fallen back on his engineering degree and developed an elaborate filtration system that ensures the water used in processing is properly treated and restored before returning to the local water supply.

At Gitesi, the Gahizis are responsible for producing some of the most wonderful Rwandan coffees I’ve ever come across; coffees that are densely fruited yet clean, with fresh citrus highlights and back notes of sweet tobacco and baking spice. Tim and the team at Bureaux look forward eagerly in anticipation of their arrival every year.

In 2015, Aime and Tim founded their charitable initiative — The Gitesi Project [link:] — in an effort to bring better financial stability to the local coffee farming households. In partnership with roasters and cafes all over the world, we've raised funds to purchase dairy cows for more than 50 coffee-farming households and more recently expanded the programme to also provide health insurance for hundreds of the area's poorest farmers.

Suffice to say, coffees from Gitesi hold a very special place in the hearts of everyone at Bureaux for a number of reasons, not least of which how captivatingly delicious and complex they are.






Roast Type

Filter roast. Suitable for pour over, Aeropress, drip machines and plunger. 


BUREAUX believes that coffee is all-encompassing. It’s not just a drink in a cup – it’s the people, skills and experiences that got it there, and they are forever determined to pay respect to that journey. It’s a careful balance between producing coffee that is both luminous and layered while contributing to the quality of life of those who grow it.

Location: Duke St, Abbotsford

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