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Golden Gate Espresso Blend


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Tasting Notes
  • Chocolate
  • Big
  • Bold 
About Me

Ohh Golden Gate, Big and Mighty! Seven Seeds designed this blend to contrast their signature Espresso Blend. They do this by continuing the roast a little longer and selecting coffees with more chocolate flavours, and low acidity. The big body and rich mouth feel makes Golden Gate perfect with milk. 



Roast Type

Espresso roast. Suitable for espresso machines and stovetops. A great place to start your coffee at home journey.


SEVEN SEEDS on Berkeley St, Carlton was born in 2007 initially to roast coffee for Brother Baba Budan established a few years earlier, with Seven Seeds developing into a cafe-roastery model. The goal was simple - to source directly and explore the best brewing practices. Carlton was bursting at the seams, so a dedicated roastery & HQ was established in 2016. Seven Seeds have come a long way, but remain rooted in the sustainable principles that guide the decisions they make.

Location: Berkeley St, Carlton