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Sustainable Coffee Drinkers

Should You Make The Switch To Being A Sustainable Coffee Drinker

Sustainable packaging around Australia and the world is becoming more and more of a reality. As global coffee production is responsible for over 23 million tonnes of waste per year and at Altdrop, we have prepared some ideas to reduce coffee wastage while staying caffeinated. . 

Easy Ways to Make Your Morning Coffee More Sustainable

Being earth conscious doesn't have to start with forgoing your morning coffee, it's a common misconception that completely cutting an item from production is the only way to reduce waste. After all, something could easily come to replace it, or something worse could take its place. To make a sustainable difference in your coffee drinking we recommend: 

  • Switching to a re-usable cup or KeepCup when you're taking your coffee out for the day. It's crazy to think that supermarkets are still selling single serve coffee cups for home-use, and that we're still buying them! If you're having a coffee at home, use a mug or heat-proof glass that can be washed and re-used.
  • If you're taking your coffee out for the day, for a morning coffee at work or a coffee in the car we recommend using a coffee cup with a closed lid that can keep that goodness hot for hours. If your coffee gets cold too quickly, you'll either end up re-heating it and sacrificing quality, or stopping somewhere in a rush that doesn't use sustainable or biodegradable coffee utensils.  

Helpful Tips For Buying Sustainable Coffee, Outside Of Re-Usable Coffee Cups

  • Buying organic coffee beans and fair trade coffee beans are a great way to ensure your morning coffee isn't doing anywhere near as much damage to the world we live in. At Altdrop, we sell a range of organic coffee which is certified organic and better for the farmers, producers and in many cases, better for your rubbish bin to.
  • Biodegradable coffee bags are a giant step for the coffee industry, Market Lane coffee bags are made from plant-based materials and preserve the freshness of the coffee inside. They are easier to break down and have individually recyclable, re-usable and biodegradable components to ensure you are doing your part for the environment. 
  • Clark St. Coffee is pioneering Compostable Coffee Capsules for the Coffee Capsule drinkers out there. Clark St's coffee capsules are compostable, biodegradable, and roasted locally in Melbourne. 

Making Conscious Decisions About Your Coffee

If you're at Altdrop, you're probably already conscious that buying coffee at a café can be bad for your wallet, and in some cases bad for the environment too. Buy following the above suggestions and steps, you can take even more steps to being a sustainable coffee drinker and staying caffeinated without doing unnecessary damage to the environment. 

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