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Proud Mary Coffee Roasters
Proud Mary coffee roasters are quickly becoming one of Melbourne's most respected. Proud Mary visits their producers and farmers every year, taking pride in supporting and representing coffee producers and their communities. This tangible, hand-on approach generates a mutual understanding and appreciation. These are the true rock stars of coffee, the story starts with the producer.
From great producers come great product to roast, and Proud Mary are among the best in the business now stretching their operating form Melbourne to Portland.

Excitingly, we're able to offer Proud Mary's freshest coffee beans delivered to your door, ground and portioned to your liking at breakneck speed.

 Proud Mary Coffee Roasters Melbourne

Photo: Michael Woods

Stores: Collingwood VIC, Portland USA

Best Seller: 
Ghost Rider Espresso Blend

About: Our vision ensures that our direct involvement both financially supports and rewards the quality of coffee. The effect is twofold. This fosters improvements through farms reinvestment and infrastructure into equipment and facilities. Furthermore, this enhances the quality each harvest, contributing to the potential of higher coffee production. Purchasing both small(micro/nano lots) and large scale lots facilitates growth in higher production for producers and their supporting communities and networks.

Proud Mary Coffee, Melbourne