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Important Things To Consider When Buying Coffee In Melbourne

How To Find The Best Specialty Coffee In Melbourne

Coffee beans are sold all over the world, but only come from 5 main coffee producing countries. While sourcing the best coffee beans is an integral part, the skill of a roaster in roasting, choosing, and blending beans is what makes a great cup life changing. 

As the coffee capital of Australia, Melbourne coffee is saturated with some good, great and amazing coffee beans. Since coffee is so stimulating to the senses, finding the best coffee in Melbourne truly depends on your own taste and values. 

Shopping For Coffee In Melbourne Online

At Altdrop, we have done the hardest part and curated the best of Melbourne's coffee roasters for you. Even though you have narrowed these down to a couple of handfuls from hundreds of roasters, there's still so much to consider when buying your coffee, such as: 

The Nose

  • The nose. One of the most important features that indicate the quality of a good cup of coffee is the aroma. Different beans and brewing methods result in a variety of scents. These scents can vary from the strong spicy notes to the subtle floral ones. Coffee experts suggest that taking a whiff of your cup of coffee will help drinkers discover not only if it’s fresh or not but also it if is made from quality beans. 
  • If you find coffee with an aroma that doesn't want to take another sip, you've already lost the battle on that coffee. Try making it again in-case you have over extracted, or burnt the coffee by accident; but as a general rule, the nose knows. 

The Taste

  • Depending on the variation and the brewing method, coffee is generally described to have a full-bodied taste. A true full-bodied coffee is described to possess a good quality balance of sweetness and acidity that comes from organic acids, as well as a delightful mouthfeel that does not come off as bitter or flat. At Altdrop, we offer comprehensive tasting notes that can help guide you on what to expect form your first sip, but never expect to pick up every tasting note as every body is different. 

  • A salty tasting coffee is considered to be a red flag and can indicate manufacturing defects. It is also important to note that the coffee’s texture is essentially full-bodied and never watery.

The Amount Of Caffeine

  • Part of what makes coffee a delectable bitter brew is because of caffeine. Caffeine content varies from one brew to another. And contrary to popular belief, dark-roasted coffee contains less caffeine than light-roasted ones. The amount of caffeine is roasted off during the roasting process. Personal preference is often the major indicator for which cup of coffee best fits a person’s taste.

Find Your Own Perfect Brew

Now that you know the basics of what to look for when you're brewing your next coffee, pay extra attention to our product descriptions to know what to look for in your next coffee. Or if you're having trouble deciding, try one of our value packs today.