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Criteria Coffee Roasters
Criteria Coffee was born from the brilliant mind of Craig Simon, Criteria coffee is talking Melbourne by storm. Craig’s interest in coffee goes far beyond the final cup. From farming and roasting, to brewing and service – Craig regularly travels to origin and has spent the last fifteen years understanding how to improve the entire coffee production cycle. 

Criteria coffee is a melting pot of the city's best coffee roasters coming together to collaborate, create and design, under the guidance of Craig and the team. 

Excitingly, we're able to offer Criteria Coffee's freshest coffee beans delivered to your door, ground and portioned to your liking at breakneck speed.


Criteria Coffee Melbourne

Photo: Michael Woods

Stores: Port Melbourne

Best Seller: 
The Crowd Pleaser Espresso Blend

About: Criteria Coffee is a collaborative roasting space designed to unite a community of cafes and coffee companies assuring a unique roasting experience facilitated by an industry leader.  Under Craig’s guidance, members will master the craft of roasting their own coffee in a supportive and streamlined environment.

Criteria Coffee, Melbourne